Welcome to my blog!

Hi there👋. My name is Briana Torres. Nice to meet you. This is my blog and as for every blog this one has a reason for it to be created🙉. Me and my trash bestfriend Bianca👭. We are like 2 peas in a pod👏…or something like that😕…cause i dont even know what thats supposed to mean😐😑…i guess it means we😕…are😐…close😑…i dont know. Lets just continue😀…We met in the 4th grade😌-Now your wonder “What the fuck😡? Does it look like i give a damn😤?” Well just let me continue and youll understand why this is important to know😌. Because we have known each other for so long😄…you cant have a long relationship if you havent had your ups👆 and downs👇. And in our case those ups👆 and downs👇 are being On👍 AnD oFf👎. (Yes i typed like that on purpose👽) But dont trouble yourself✋…we always get back together anyway😏. We would be mad at each other for one day🔅 and after we sit next to each other for 5 minutes we are just magically bestfriends😋 again. “WHAT THE FUCK😱?!?!” Yeah i know😌. Thats just us😉. But people are always thinking Bianca and Briana wont last😒. We just say “FUCK OFF WE ARE GONNA LAST AN ETERNITY BITCHES😋!” Then five minutes later…”WHERE DID WE GO WRONG😓?”…Then one minute later…”THIS CANT CONTINUE WE CANT BE FRIENDS ANYMORE.😥”…Ten minutes later…”I KNEW YOU WOULDNT EVER LEAVE ME FOR REAL BESTFRIEND😄!SEE WHAT WE SAY BITCHES😋!?!?” Yeah its messed up but we are SO used to it either way😊. So yeah i guess this is it for my first blog😀. Hope you enjoyed it😊…hope you follow me😁…if you were disturbed😳 please be warned😔…dont mess with me😎. Oh and hope you guys have yourselves a GOODNIGHT💁! Ill be making a few more posts in a while👐…So Thank you for reading👋! Please Follow Me if you would like to know more about my so very complicated life as Briana🙊🙈🙉. Because friendship is just the start👀.